Since I will be sharing with you views on the crucial and primary issues of parenting, I think it’s only fair that you know somthing about me, my experience and expertise.

I have an M.A. in Early Childhood, CSW in social work and a certificate in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and numerous years and instances of related study. I have been working with children in one capacity or another since I was 15 years old. I have been a camp counselor, a camp director, a ballet teacher, an early childhood teacher, a teacher of special education, a child psychotherapist for over twenty years and a teacher and supervisor of child psychotherapy.

I wanted to do this website because I’m so often dismayed and distressed by the numerous myths and incorrect ideas and perceptions about children and parenting that are propagated daily on an unsuspecting public by media; that parenting is instinct and not knowledge. To be a mechanic or plumber or doctor or lawyer, we have to invest in years of specialized training. To do the most complex and important job in the world, raising children – nothing is required of us “but showing up”. So we raise children with serious problems, mainly we are raising people too with serious problems who will suffer painfuly, who will damage painfully the others with whom they connect – and a predominance of troubled people makes for a very troubled society.

I can help. This is an attempt to provide knowledge about “who children really are”, what they need and to provide some parenting skills that will aid our children toward a healthy sense of self -esteem.

In the next months, I will be writing on further parenting issues such as sibling rivalry, the difference in siblings, homework, peer pressure, changes and tasks of adolescence, bed wetting problems, eating problems, depression, acting out aggessions, moving, issues of attachment and separation.

Contact: miriamkove@hotmail.com